Information for Sponsors

This first ICRS on the European continent will not only provide a global interaction platform to bridge science to policy, but aims to make an even greater impact by creating awareness about the coral reef crisis at the local and global level by numerous accompanying outreach events. Furthermore, the ICRS 2020 will set new sustainability standards by obtaining reliable eco-certification while minimizing and compensating its environmental impacts.
Implementing all of the above will be essential for the ICRS 2020 to achieve its important global effect. However, meeting these new high standards will require substantial additional resources and support. This is where ICRS 2020 sponsors come into play.

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Why Sponsor the ICRS 2020:

  • Local to Global Brand Visibility
    About 2,500 delegates from over 70 nations will attend the ICRS 2020, which will feature an accompanying program with numerous outreach and education events involving public audiences. On-site participation at the ICRS 2020 is expected to be high, as Bremen is in easy reach from most global locations. Online access will be available.
  • Wide Variety of Opportunities
    From highlighting your logo to exclusive sponsorship of the main social events or ICRS-related carbon offsetting, the ICRS 2020 will offer the whole range of opportunities to boost brand awareness of your business or organisation. Of course, we will also serve you with any kind of tailored sponsorship solutions and exclusive offers to ensure excellent visibility and return of investment.
  • Exclusive Access to Coral Reef Community
    The ICRS is the one time every 4 years’ global event when the entire coral reef community comes together, offering you exclusive access to a target-rich environment ranging from young and early-career participants to established names in the field.
  • High Profile Networking
    Take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to get in touch with the world's leading coral reef scientists, high profile speakers and chairs, international policy makers and NGOs, and be a part of the discussion on current hot topics in coral reef science, conservation and management.
  • Corporate Social and Green Responsibility
    The ICRS 2020 program and attendees will address critical global issues such as food security, marine pollution, climate change impacts, and overexploitation of resources. With your support, we will develop and implement effective strategies to ensure that the ICRS 2020 will set new standards as an eco-friendly ICRS by minimizing and compensating environmental impacts.

Interested in becoming an ICRS 2020 sponsor?

We would be delighted if you decided to support us in creating this unique ICRS conference. Detailed information on particular sponsorship opportunities and packages will become available here soon. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your specific sponsorship requirements or any other requests at any time!


ICRS 2020 Conference Secretariat
Dr. Malik Naumann
Telephone: +49-(0)421-218-63303