Presentation Guidelines

Below presenters will find the most important guidelines such as poster format and aspect ratio of their oral presentation. 

Further technical guidelines will follow shortly. Please check this page regularly to refine your presentation. 

Poster Presenter Guidelines

The posters will be displayed in Hall 4 of the Bremen Exhibition & Conference Center in close vicinity of the main entrance and registration desk, the trade exhibition and the coffee/lunch area. This location guarantees a high visitor flow and exceleltn exposure. Your posters will be displayed on square columns, which can accommodate one poster on each of the four sides.

Posters must be no larger than the DIN A0 portrait format: 118.9 cm high and 84.1 cm wide or 46.81 inches high x 33.11 inches wide. If your poster exceeds these specifications or is formatted in landscape format, it may be subject to removal.

Poster Sessions
There are three designated poster sessions:

Monday, 06 July                6:00 to 7:30 pm

Tuesday, 07 July               6:00 to 7:30 pm

Wednesday, 08 July          6:00 to 7:30 pm

Drinks and snacks will be offered during the poster sessions. Poster presenters are assigned a specific evening poster session to interact with interested attendees, but they may also be at their poster during the day the poster is on display.

The poster session times will not conflict with any concurrent event of the scientific program.

Useful Suggestions for preparing your poster preparation:

Generally, posters should be clear and concise. Main contents should be readable from a distance of about one meter.

The following points contain some very general suggestions for preparing your poster:

  • The same title, authors and affiliations as in the abstract should be included in the poster. It is recommended to include the mail address of the corresponding author to facilitate readers to contact the authors later.
  • Minimize text - use informative images and graphs instead.
  • Keep text elements to 50 words or fewer, a poster should not contain more than 600 words in total.
  • Clear sections, like purpose, methods, results, conclusions, may structure the content.
  • Use phrases rather than full sentences.
  • Use an active voice.
  • Avoid jargon.
  • Left-justify the text elements; avoid centred and right-justifying text.
  • Use a serif font (e.g., Times) for most text - easier to read.
  • Sans-serif font (e.g., Helvetica) might be OK for titles and headings.
  • Font size should be at least 24 point in text, 36 for headings.
  • Pay attention to text size in figures (e.g., axis titles in graphs) - it must also be large.
  • Poster title should be at least 5 cm tall.
  • Use a light colour background and dark colour letters for contrast.
  • Avoid dark backgrounds with light letters - very tiring to read.
  • Stick to a theme of 2 or 3 colours - much more will overload and confuse viewers.
  • If you use multiple colours, use them in a consistent pattern - otherwise viewers will spend their time wondering what the pattern is rather than reading your poster.
  • Avoid overly bright colours – they attract attention but then wear out readers' eyes.
  • Consider people who have problems differentiating colours, especially when designing graphics - one of the most common is an inability to tell green from red.
  • Avoid paper waste in the form of hand-outs. We rather recommend including a QR code or such to refer to further material regarding your poster.

Oral Presenter Guidelines

Talk Length
Oral presentation slots will have a total length of 15 minutes. We strongly encourage a presentation to be maximum 12 minutes long to allow an additional three minutes for questions from the audience and transition to the next speaker. The time limit of 15 minutes will be strictly enforced by the responsible session chairs to facilitate movement between sessions.

Presentation Format
Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt) or (.pptx)

Presentation Aspect Ratio
The aspect ratio for all oral presentation will be: 16:9

Useful Suggestions for preparing your talk:

  • Conference talks should be clearly structured in introduction/background, materials and methods, results, and discussion/conclusions.
  • The text of your slides should be clearly readable also from the back of a large seminar room. We recommend fonts of a size of at least 24 points for the text and at least 36 points for headings.
  • No more than 6 lines of text should be displayed per slide. Black text on white background is advised.
  • Red and green should not be used next to each other (red-green blindness).
  • Graphs and tables should have simple and readable legends and axis labels.

Please be aware:
You cannot use your personal laptop or devices during your presentation in the seminar rooms.